Does My Website Need A Redesign Checklist

Does My Website Need a Redesign Checklist

Technology is always changing. This means that trends evolve, and styles come and go. This means that you must make sure that your website is always trending and appears modern. This will help draw more people to your business or website.

While a website redesign is a big task, it is worth it. Many web design agencies charge a lot for a web redesign. However, if it is done correctly, you’ll get more business from your newly improved website.

Plus, if you plan it right, it will not be a challenging thing to do. All you need to do is consider the following when you are thinking about redesigning your website. These tips are here to help ensure that you are prepared for your new website. It will allow you to educate yourself about what people are looking for in your website. 

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How To Tell If You Need A Web Redesign


Since your website launched last, has anything changed with your brand? Voice and visual aspects included. If there are changes, you need to ensure that your website is reflecting these changes. If you are completely revamping a brand, ensure that everything is done before completing the website. A web page may need to be redesigned if the following has changed with the brand:

  • Color
  • Logos 
  • Fonts 
  • Tone/Voice
  • Images/Videos 
  • Keywords/Languages 
  • Value
  • Missions 


You want to look at the website you have currently. Decide what is working well and what is not. You want to ensure that everything you want on your website is displayed properly. Doing an audit to your website will allow you to determine what needs to be changed and what needs to be fixed. 

When you do a website audit, there are two things that you need to remember. The first is that you ae evaluating all the content and how it is organized. You also want to ensure that the website functions work and it is easy to navigate. 

Paths/Call to Action 

When you have an outline for your website, you want to design paths. This is paths that you think customers will take. When they visit the homepage, you want links and different paths to go to. It is important to add a call to action on important pages that people will visit often. A call to action will grab the reader’s attention. It will help persuade them to purchase products. 

Your call to actions should be straightforward and to the point. They are going to be what draws people in and makes them stay. A call to action should never be too long. A paragraph or two at most. A call to action that is too long could cause people to lose interest quickly. 


You have paths figured out and your website is planned. You need to make sure that it navigates how you want it to. You want to have simple navigation that allows users of all ages to easily see all the pages on your website. 

If a website cannot be navigated with ease, many people will leave and find products elsewhere. It is essential to have a website that looks detailed but is simple to use. Adding links and other navigation elements can help those who are not familiar with website navigation. 

website design for small businesses
web design for small business


When you are redesigning your website, you will want to add updated content. You may decide to keep old content. However, you will need to add updated content to spruce up your new website. There are many things that you can add to help improve your website. Depending on your goal, you can add some of the following content to your website.

  • Add Pages/Blogs 
  • Add New Photos/Videos 
  • Add New Shopping Items 
  • Add New Downloadable Items 
  • Add Forms 
  • New Landing Pages 
  • Add SEO Content 

Mobile Website 

When you have a website, it needs to be accessible on all platforms. This includes mobile phones. Many people are ditching their desktops because they have everything they need in the palm of their hands. These tiny smartphones need to have the same concept as the webpage for a desktop. 

If the website does not appear correctly on mobile, then users may choose to avoid the website altogether. Taking the time to create a website that is compatible with mobile phones is essential. 

Wrapping Up: Does My Website Need A Redesign Checklist

When it comes to redesigning a website, you may want help. It can be a complicated process if you do not know what you are doing. In fact, it can be impossible to get a perfect website if you do not know prior web design experience. It may be wise to contact systMD LLC in New Jersey for your next website redesign. They can help ensure that navigation is easy and that your website can be accessed via mobile phone.

You should know have a better understanding of whether or not your website needs a redesign and we hope that this checklist has helped!